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The Path: Podcast

Listen to the stories of those who embraced their path in public service.

Podcast Guests

Peter Hoy

Episode 1

Peter Hoy

Episode 2

Deborah Richardson

Episode 3

Jeremy Bertrand

Steve Paikin

Episode 4

Steve Paikin

Episode 5

Hon. Marion Buller

Episode 6

Karen Turner

Episode 7

Allan Scott


EP07: Allan Scott

Policing to Policy and the Path Up the Ladder of Public Service

Allan Scott has had a diverse and extensive career in the Ontario Public Service, transitioning from a police constable to a retired public servant with over 30 years of experience. He has worked in various ministries, including roles in policy analysis, enforcement, and compliance.

In this two-part episode of Path of Public Service, Allan emphasizes the importance of frontline experience in shaping policies and the challenges of remaining neutral in public service. He also highlights the skills required to succeed in the public sector and the complexities involved in implementing government policies. His insights provide valuable advice for professionals in the field, emphasizing integrity, due diligence, continuous learning, and dedication to serving the community.

Through this conversation, we learn how Allan Scott’s career journey encompasses the opportunities and challenges within the public service sector, offering valuable insights for aspiring professionals looking to make a difference in their communities.

EP06: Karen Turner

Empathy and the Path from Women’s to Children’s Services Ministries

Karen Turner is the Manager of Community Programs & Out of Home Care, Children’s Services, of the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Toronto Region, with more than twenty years’ experience. In this 2-part podcast, she opens up about her unexpected journey into working for the government and her path from Women’s to Children’s Services within the OPS. Karen shares how her own life, family, Caribbean culture, and love for music play a role in the humour, empathy, and passion she brings to her work, both in the office and beyond.

In an honest, heartwarming, and charming Part 1, Karen shares stories of her early life growing up in 1970s Toronto and learning to play the piano, and how these experiences inspire her volunteer work and community involvement today. As a musician, performer, and volunteer, Karen brings her culture and an immense amount of care to the community. She also shares with us how she balances work and family, and the “auntie energy” and empathy she brings to managing her beloved team in the OPS. And in her work today, Karen offers valuable insights into the Children’s Services systems in Ontario – how families handle crises and how Children’s Aid is there to help.

In Part 2, Karen goes on to share more about her personal and professional path from community and grassroots worker to government worker, and where she thinks this might take her next. Accruing knowledge, skill, and experience from working in Violence Against Women services that she uses today working with Children’s Services, Karen lets us in on the invaluable perspectives at play in serving the whole family within the Ontario Public Service system. And, finally, she reminds us of the people of public service and the power and potential that we all have to make a difference through public service.

EP05: Judge Marion Buller

Indigeneity and the Path to the BC Bench

As the first woman Indigenous judge in BC and recently retired, Honourable Judge Marion Buller in her decades-long career has served Canada as a civil, criminal, and human rights lawyer, judge, public speaker, and advocate for Indigenous rights in Canada. Holding during her career esteemed roles of Director and President of the Indigenous Bar Association in Canada, and as Chief Commissioner for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Judge Buller continues to write, speak and advocate for these causes she is so passionate about today. Her perspective shaped by her experiences growing up in Toronto, Cree, and member of the Mistawasis First Nation in Saskatchewan has informed her rich and impactful career for decades. In this podcast, you’ll hear from Judge Marion Buller as she shares her story and reflects on her upbringing and education, as well as her valuable insights into the Canadian judicial system. As personal as it is powerful, you’ll find this podcast poignant, thought-provoking, and inspiring.   

In Part 1: We are introduced to the Honourable Judge Marion Buller as she shares with us her background and early life, and reflects on how her experiences shaped her work and career, speaking on Indigenous history in Canada, and what inspired her path into law and public service.   

In Part 2: We continue our conversation delving into life in public service. We’ll discuss why public servants are expected to do the right thing and why that’s not always easy. And what it’s like balancing life as both a prominent public official and private citizen. And as we venturing forward on the road to renewal in Canada, we’ll explore what real access to justice means and share current trends in the Canadian courtroom and around the globe. We’ll talk about Judge Buller’s role as Chief Commissioner of the National Inquiry for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls from a historical perspective and what she sees for the future of Indigenous families in Canada.

EP04: Steve Paikin

Persistence and the Path of Journalism and Media

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the world of Canadian journalism, as we have the pleasure of welcoming Steve Paikin as our distinguished guest. With over 40 years of experience covering both provincial and international affairs, Mr. Paikin has become a trusted voice in Canadian media, earning him numerous accolades, including the prestigious Officer of the Order of Canada. As an author of eight books, a moderator of eight election debates, and an anchor of TVO’s The Agenda for 17 years, Steve Paikin has built an impressive career that spans a wide range of topics, providing rare subject intimacy and invaluable political insight. Hosted by Kerry Wright, this podcast episode will explore the complexities of journalism, politics, and family dynamics. With Steve Paikin’s vast experience and expertise, listeners can expect a fascinating and informative discussion that covers a range of timely and thought-provoking topics.

EP03: Jeremy Bertrand

Gratitude and the Path of Finance and Education

Jeremy Bertrand’s expertise in public education outreach has led to tangible and meaningful change. With a talent for connecting, educating and entertaining through seminars and webinars, Jeremy brings a new perspective to overlooked topics such as personal taxes and tax credit benefits. In this episode, Jeremy will delve into the intricacies of his role in the Ontario Public Service and reveal exactly why being knowledgeable about what he does will make your life richer. His dedication to serving the public is clear and serves as a source of motivation for the next generation of public servants.

EP02: Deputy Minister Deborah Richardson

Equity and the Path of Leading with Purpose

Deputy Minister Deborah Richardson is currently the highest-ranking Indigenous person in the Ontario Public Service. Her unique perspective, informed by her cultural heritage and experiences, has allowed her to bring a fresh and valuable perspective to the table. You’ll hear what she wishes she’d known upon entering government and how public service forever changed how she deals with opposing views. It is clear that Deputy Minister Deborah Richardson continues to embody the principles and values that inspired her to pursue a career in public service, shaped by the qualities and characteristics she learned and admired from her mentors.

EP01: Peter Hoy

Resilience and the Path from Service to the Screen

Having previously served 3 decades in Public Service, Peter worked exceptionally hard to earn a career that is highly credentialed. He offers candid insight with a humble and reassuring sense of reason. You’ll hear his perspective on what makes a good public servant, how working in the public arena can play an even more expansive role than in corporations, and what actually surprised him the most about his very “dramatic” career change that cast aside misconceptions of public administrators while transforming just about everything in Peter’s life.

EP00: Trailer

The Path of Public Service tells the stories of deeply committed public servants who are working hard behind the scenes and in front of audiences, improving public services that Canadians rely on and that shape our experiences.