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Written by: Tradex

In advance of the QCC pilot retirement course, we will have three related articles on items to be expanded upon during the course.

When you retire, you will receive pension income from three primary sources with various factors to consider. This week, we consider the first two sources: Your public service pension plan (PSPP) and Canadian government pension plans.

Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP)

The greatest single financial asset for most public servants is their pension plan.

Did you know that each $31,000 of pension income is the equivalent of the annual interest received on a $1,000,000 30-year Government of Canada Bond?

Canada Pension Plan/Old Age Security

Did you know that only 6% of CPP retirement-benefit recipients receive the maximum CPP benefit?

For more details, please join us for our first in-person pre-retirement course for Ontario Public Servants in Toronto, September 21st, Vantage Venues 150 King Street West. Watch for future articles on how your personal assets and savings can supplement your pension income and how to put it all together.
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