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Rename Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing your name?

We’re changing our name from the Quarter Century Club (QCC) because it no longer reflects our new strategic direction, rather, it is rooted in our history of recognizing 25 years of work in public service, when the organization was part of the government. Long service recognition is the Ontario government’s program for their employees. Because the Quarter Century Club did not change its name in 1993 when it moved outside of government and became an incorporated non-profit organization, there has been long-standing confusion that the QCC, now Applaud is a government program. Rather, Applaud has and will continue to offer programs and services in addition to those offered by the OPS. 

In 2019, we changed our Bylaws to open membership up to anyone in the public sector at any age and stage of their career. Since 2020, we have evolved our programming away from long service recognition to focus on a more comprehensive approach to acknowledging our members at every career stage and into retirement. 

Read more about our name change here. 

Why is the rebranding happening now?

In late 2023, our partnership ended with the Ontario Public Service (OPS), necessitating a name change per legal obligations. Our new identity not only fulfills these requirements but also reflects our commitment to operating as an independent non-profit organization dedicated to those working or retired from public service. 

How will this affect our membership?

Nothing will change about your membership. The only thing that will look different is that our digital communications channels will change to reflect our new name. Rest assured, your membership and its associated benefits will remain unaffected by this change. Access your member benefits on our portal at 

What actions do I need to take regarding my membership?

No actions are required to continue your membership. Your membership and its associated benefits will remain unaffected by this change.  

Access your member benefits on our portal at Check the member portal for each partner’s reward information. 

Will my membership still be free?

Yes, membership will continue to be free. 

Will your rebranding change access to any partners and offers?

No, our rebranding will not affect your access to partners and offers. When accessing any products or services, it might be useful to mention that we were formerly known as the Quarter Century Club (QCC). You can continue to access your member benefits seamlessly through our portal at 

Will there be a transition period and if so, what should we expect?

We are currently in the process of updating our website and emails to reflect our new name. During this transition, our old email addresses will still be operational for the next several months. We encourage you to use our new name in all communications and interactions. If you have any concerns or questions during this period, feel free to reach out to us at

How are we informing our members?

We started informing members on January 8th, 2024, through our Monday Newsletter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the Applaud Community (Circle). The official Announcement was sent via email on January 22nd, 2024, and is also posted on our website If you are a member and you’re not receiving our newsletters, contact us at to add you to our subscribers list and stay updated.

Will the contact information or communication channels change?

Our phone numbers and physical address will remain the same. There will be updates to our digital channels. We’re currently in the process of transitioning our email addresses, website, and social media channels to reflect our new name. It’s essential to be aware of these changes, ensuring that you use the updated contact details for any digital

How can we provide feedback or share our thoughts on the name change?

We value your feedback. You can share your thoughts by filling out this feedback form or participating in discussions on our forum in the member portal. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at or call us at 416 325 1333 or toll free at 1 800 561 8657. 

How do I continue receiving emails and/or direct mailers?

You will continue receiving our emails and direct mailers automatically. If you wish to update your information, you can do so by filling out this information update form or emailing us your changes to 

I don’t like the new name.

While the name is a small aspect of our organization, we want to assure you that our core values and commitment to providing valuable programming and services remain unchanged. The name is just a label, and our focus remains on serving and engaging with our community. 

We worked with the membership in selecting a new name. Your continued support is crucial as we shape the narrative and evolve together.