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Notice for QCC MTO Retirees:

MTO 100 Celebrations continue!

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As a follow up to the MTO 100 Retiree Mixer in late 2016, we have another treat to share with our Retiree community. When planning our ministry’s 100th anniversary celebrations in 2016, one of the staff suggestions that came forward was an easy to read, fun facts eBook about our history. We hope that you enjoy this eBook as much as we enjoyed digging into our past to bring it all together.

As part of the DEDICATION to the book “our greatest wish is that this eBook will both entertaining and gratifying to you. Perhaps it will bring up a feeling of nostalgia, perhaps it will surprise you with things you didn’t know, and perhaps by the time you get to the last fact, it will leave you delighted to be part of our MTO Family.”

Scott Thompson,
Deputy Minister of Transportation