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The QCC is eager to increase Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) within our organization and membership. To do that, QCC is undertaking a research project to determine what barriers and gaps QCC faces to better incorporating DEI practices throughout the organization.

We are extremely excited to learn from the insights of this research and incorporate these recommendations into our organization’s future DEI efforts.

Sparked by a Commitment

Over the past couple years, we’ve seen a movement rise within Canadian society to advance our collective action against discriminations of all forms. As an organization with over 32,000 members within Ontario, we take our responsibility to advance DEI seriously. One way we’ve taken action is by making space for underrepresented groups to take center stage through our popular webinars. Our learning session on Indigenous history, “They Can’t Make Us Disappear”, led by Ed Buller, member of the Mistawasis First Nation in Saskatchewan was a first step in that direction. We have recruited for and have Directors with DEI expertise on our Board. We don’t believe this is enough and know that we are at the beginning of our journey and desire to weave DEI into the fabric of all that we do.

Driven by Evidence

We still have much to learn about advancing DEI. That is why we have undertaken a DEI study and are reaching out to our members to participate in this survey. QCC will rely on the aggregate data to conduct a gap analysis that identifies and prioritizes the steps that we need to follow to advance DEI within our organization and for our large community of members.

Rooted in Ethics

We know that your opinion on DEI is both important and private. This survey has been designed to fully protect your privacy. Your responses will be delivered in aggregate to the QCC, maintaining confidentiality but allowing us to learn from it and do what we need to take meaningful action.

Underpinned by Transparency

With research in hand, we believe we owe it to the community to share what we’ve learned through the data and how these learnings will translate into concrete action at our organization. That is part of our commitment to you.

Survey Results

A comprehensive DEI survey was sent via email to all QCC members on July 8th, 2022. Member responses were more than 1000 strong, pouring in from July 8th to 25th, 2022.

At QCC, we believe your insights are only as good as what we do with them. The Research Intern is analyzing your feedback to identify key trends and learnings from you. Following this, we look forward to providing you with a transparent picture to you of the findings and our resulting plan of action.

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